Determining the Quality of Brass Fittings: Adequate Quality Control Plan

The importance of obtaining quality brass fittings cannot be understated. But do you know how to determine whether a brass fitting is of good quality for your application and standards? We’ve come up with 3 simple questions that might help you determine the quality of brass fittings.

The first question is does the manufacturer have an adequate quality control plan to ensure parts are being manufactured to the requirements?


To answer this, we must consider the design, measurability, repeatability and documentation.

Design -Your system should be designed to meet acceptable industry standards.

Measurability - A good system will have definable metrics to assess the success of your design and to meet the goals agreed upon.

Repeatability - The system needs to be designed to assure that the results reported can be duplicated.

Documentation - Quality systems have significant reporting requirements. This ensures that processes set forth in your design, measured and demonstrated that they are repeatable and are memorialized. These documents give you a guide that all the processes set forth are being followed.

Quality Management Standards: ISO 9001

Quality manufacturers adhere to ISO 9001 or other quality systems that ensure consistency of production through routine machine maintenance, inspection, etc. Look for the ISO-certified seal.

ISO 9001 certified

ISO 9001 is the globally recognized standard for quality management that ensures the quality of services and products of an organization. Using ISO 9001 helps ensure that customers get consistent, good quality products and services, which in turn brings many business benefits.

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