Determining the Quality of Brass Fittings: Quality Design

The importance of obtaining quality brass fittings cannot be understated. But do you know how to determine whether a brass fitting is of good quality for your application and standards? We’ve come up with 3 simple questions that might help you determine the quality of brass fittings.

Finally, we must ask is the dimensional layout in accordance with the applicable standards?



The Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) sets a standard that has been developed and updated over decades. These standards ensure that the final products manufactured are able to be used in a safe manner when used properly. These standards delve into length, width, threads and a variety of critical factors that help ensure safety and reliability in critical operations.


The SAE J512 Standard covers complete general and dimensional specifications for the various types of tube fittings intended for general application in the automotive, appliance, and allied fields. The SAE J1131 Standard is used to understand the performance requirements of reusable (push-to-connect) fittings intended for use in automotive air brake systems. 

Be sure your manufacturer and supplier are compliant with these quality design standards.

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