Three Questions to Ask When Determining the Quality of Brass Fittings

The importance of obtaining quality brass fittings cannot be understated. But do you know how to determine whether a brass fitting is of good quality for your application and standards? We’ve come up with 3 simple questions that might help you determine the quality of brass fittings.

Air Brake Branch Tee 3/8 tube x 1/4 pipe

    1. Does the manufacturer have an adequate quality control plan to ensure parts are being manufactured to the requirements?

      ISO 9001 certifiedQuality manufacturers adhere to ISO/9001 or other quality systems that ensure consistency of production through routine machine maintenance, inspection, etc.

    2. Is the material being used correctly for your application?

      ASTM logoCA360 Brass, used for extruded bar stock fittings, is the standard that the Society of Automotive Engineers (S.A.E.) requires for fittings. The material makeup for CA360 Brass is found in the ASTM B16 standard.

    3. Is the dimensional layout in accordance with the applicable standards?SAE logo
      S.A.E. provides the correct dimensional layout to ensure your fittings are of the quality necessary for a safe air brake system.

1/2 female pipe coupler

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