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If you’ve been in the trucking industry for any length of time, you know that fittings are a big part of repairing and maintaining equipment. 

Genfit President, Norbert O’Brien Jr., was recently featured on the Heavy Duty Parts Report Podcast which covers industry tips, tools, and technology to help heavy-duty parts manufacturers and distributors sell the right parts to fleets, repair shops, and truck operators.

In this podcast episode, Norbert sat down with Jamie Irvine to discuss Genfit’s new product offering of Kongsberg’s Raufoss Connectors! With a 46-year history in all aspects of the connector industry, Norbert brings a fitting solution to a big problem facing the trucking industry today.

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For more information on our new Kongsberg Roufoss Connectors and Genfit’s whole product line, please click the button below to speak to an experienced Genfit team member!

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